Our Programs


We provide life sustaining shelters The Indy Neighborhood Cats Winter Shelter Program collects, builds and distributes between 1000-1500 cat shelters each year. Winters in Indianapolis can be tough on our community cats. Though they tolerate cold much better than many of our furry friends, cats rely on our shelter builds to provide them warmth and safety in freezing temperatures. See the 2023 Winter Shelter pickup date, times and locations!

Cat Food Pantry Support

We partner with Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO). Nutrition is vital to keeping cats healthy. We understand that feeding large groups of cats can provide challenges. FIDO runs the largest pet food pantry in Indianapolis. Indy Neighborhood Cats helps fundraise for cat food and we are on site twice a week to assist with pantry operations. This removes duplication of effort and it keeps us face to face with community cat caretakers with the greatest need.

Click the link below to find out how to register with the FIDO Pantry.

Trap Neuter Return (T-N-R) PROGRAM

Our Gratitude

We are thankful to the following people and organizations that make the work we do possible.